Fifty Shades of Grey Poupon

With all the scandalous behavior occurring on Facebook these days, it’s nice to see one company is working to preserve good taste.

Grey Poupon, the company behind those delightful commercials in the 80s finally launched its Facebook page on Sept. 12. While most brands are scrambling to engage with as many people as possible (and not even using a condiment!), Grey Poupon is taking an refreshingly elitist approach to social networking with The Society of Good Taste.

This app on the company’s Facebook page actually screens an “applicant’s” account for signs of good taste and a “discerning palate.” Any applicants who are turned down will have their “like” rescinded (and may consider deleting all those awful cell-phone-mirror pictures).

Once you begin the application process, the app collects information about your friends, where you live, activities and interests, education and what you share on Facebook. There’s even an adorable Flash presentation that shows the judging process and the applicant’s fate.

In the name of research (and a natural desire to know if I cut the mustard), I submitted my application to the Society of Good Taste. Thanks to my busy social life (i.e. blogging on a Friday night) and many well-to-do friends (most of whom should have been screened this rigorously), I scored in the 66th percentile. Yes, I’m basically a Facebook aristocrat now.

As an acknowledgment of my social status, Grey Poupon already hooked me up with a free reusable shopping bag. Sure, I had to give all my contact information and give the Society of Good Taste free reign of my account, but I feel like that’s a fair trade. I mean, it’s a really cute reusable shopping bag.

Some have criticized this campaign, but that’s probably because they didn’t make the cut. The company’s Facebook page is lousy with jaded commenters and pledges to switch to “that other Dijon mustard.” However, in just two days the page has received more than 30,000 likes and press coverage from nearly every major news outlet, including trade publications like AdAge and Marketing Week.

All joking (and puns) aside, this campaign has everyone talking. And, pardon me, but isn’t that really what counts?

But, of course.


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