The wild ride that was 2012

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t imagine how we could cram anything else into this year. I feel like we were all looking at the calendar like it was the trunk of a Honda Civic, packing every minute with major events and life changes.

Here’s a quick recap of my year:

  • Became a member of the student Ad & PR agency at UNT
  • Got engaged
  • Started planning a wedding
  • Made the Dean’s list
  • Got laid off
  • Started freelancing
  • Celebrated Gemma’s wedding
  • Celebrated the birth of Matt & Paige’s first baby
  • Started working at an advertising agency
  • Started working at a magazine
  • Started working at a PR firm
  • Got a promotion at the PR firm
  • Celebrated Ceylan’s wedding
  • Celebrated Valerie’s wedding
  • Ran my first 5K
  • Married the love of my life
  • 6 days later, celebrated Christina’s wedding
  • Graduated from college
  • Started my career
  • Started this blog (which I think I might keep)
  • Stepped up my Pinterest addiction
  • Identified the type of person I want to be
  • Identified the type of person I do NOT want to be
  • Realized how much I love and appreciate every single person in my life
  • Discovered
  • Became a better dog owner
  • Became a better cook
  • Became a better sister
  • Became a better friend
  • Became a better wife
  • Realized I might actually be insane.
  • Attempted to get better at Twitter

Nuts. Just nuts.


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